Resolve to Begin – July 2, 2024

Poem:  The Journey, by Mary Oliver

Seven Points and 59 Slogans for Generating Compassion and Resilience (2 – page pdf) – VIEW PDF

Training in Compassion:  Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong 

Four Mind-Turning Reflections (The Four Thoughts), or reminders as to why we practice:

  1. The preciousness and rarity of human life
  2. Inevitability of death
  3. Law of karma (every action has an effect)
  4. Pervasiveness of suffering

Possible prompts for your reflection: 

What is your experience of beginning (again), of being a beginner? How do you relate to the ‘basics’ of practice?

How do you understand resolve—or the commitment needed to start and continue any endeavor — in the context of your meditation and daily-life practices?

What is it like to be diligent, yet still lively?   

Does remembering and reflecting on the Four Thoughts enliven your motivation and energy for practice?  If not, what does?